July 6, 2022

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Benefits of Wooden Pergolas

If you’re like many Adelaide residents that love spending time outdoors, then you must ensure that you have outdoor structures in your home that supports the outdoor living.


There are many such structures, and they include verandahs, gazebo, pergolas etc. Of all these, a pergola offers many benefits, and this is why you will find it in almost every home. Even though a verandah might seem popular, it is common for houses to have. So if you’re looking for something special, then a pergola is the way to go. But why a pergola?




Well, a pergola or arbor as some people call it, blends well with outdoor space. Also, since most arbours are built away from the house unlike verandah, you will get a private place where you can have your time away from the kids and engage in a private conversation. A lattice is also affordable to construct when compared to other outdoor structure hence the popularity.


When it comes to adding a lattice, you have unlimited options concerning size, design and materials. The size will depend on the intended use or the purpose of building the arbour and availability of space. When it comes to the plan, the most common are square and rectangular designs. However, you can be creative and come up with a custom design based on the availability of space and topography of your property.


Regarding materials, this is where you have to be careful about your choice. You can use concrete, wood, metal and also PVC. Of all these materials which you can mix when constructing your pergola, you will find that many people prefer a timber pergola.


Here are the reasons why wooden pergolas Adelaide are very popular:


The primary reason why timber pergolas are very common is that such a pergola easily blends with the outdoor space. Naturally, timber will easily blend with the outdoor environment as it belongs there. You cannot compare a wooden pergola and another one made of metal to PVC in the same location. Wood has unique properties that fit such outdoor projects. Timber pavilions are also easy to construct, and this is another reason behind the popularity of timber lattice. You can design or carve wood to any shape quickly, and the result is a pergola that creates a good impression and the envy of the neighbourhood.


Last but not least, it is affordable to build a wooden pergola. Wood is readily available in the market and pergola builders are also available locally. However, when installing a timber pergola, be sure to use treated timber as timber is susceptible to weather damages.