October 5, 2022

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Environmental Benefits or Recycling White Goods Adelaide and Other Electronics

The majority of people don’t take recycling seriously. They think that it’s just a waste of time and doesn’t impact their lives that much. However, for the ones who feel this way – they are wrong. Recycling offers a significant impact on improving our environment and making our lives better. When it comes to recycling at home, you should look into recycling your electronics and white goods Adelaide. The reason is that it saves substantial amounts of energy when compared to producing things from raw materials. What that means is you can recycle your unused electronics while providing significant gains for our environment. Here are some benefits of recycling electronics and white goods.


Significant Savings on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

When you recycle your electronics and white goods, you can save a ton on carbon dioxide emissions, creating a significant positive environmental effect. Recycling electronics will help avoid more than 1.3 million tons of CO2 emissions every year. Doing the math, that equals the same repercussions as making 200,000 flights around the world! It would be the negative impact of the same amount were produced using new natural materials and resources and if the climate-damaging gases from your cooling appliances were not processed using a closed processing system.


Save the Environment from Pollution

Pollution is a big issue in today’s environment. No matter where you go, pollution is everywhere. However, you can help negate the effects by recycling your electronics and white goods Adelaide. By doing so, you can be sure that all the hazardous wastes from your electronics get removed. Most recycling companies do this manually to stop dangerous materials from harming the environment. Greenhouse gases from old refrigerators, for example, can damage the environment. But by recycling your electronics and white goods, these threats are neutralised in a closed system.


Recycling Will Save Energy

Finally, recycling your electronics and white goods Adelaide will help you save energy. Just look at the following statistics:

  • Recycling a kilogram of plastic saves energy equivalent to power a vacuum cleaner for up to 34 hours.
  • Recycling a mobile phone can save enough energy as having a 9-watt lamp lit for up to 207 days.


Just looking at both these examples alone can already tell you what we mean.


Recycle Your White Goods Adelaide Today!

We recycle electronics and white goods. Visit our recycling centre here in the heart of Adelaide. Make a difference and start saving the environment. Recycle now!