October 5, 2022

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Where to Buy Data Logger – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned data logger user or someone who is just getting started with using this exciting tool, this article will help you during the buying process. We understand that selecting the ideal brand can be overwhelming; which is why we made sure we outlined the most important considerations. That way, you will know where to buy data logger that checks all your needs. At the same time, we also offer tips when looking for specific features.



Measurement Accuracy

No matter what you need to measure, understanding and considering your measurement, accuracy requirements should be your main priority. For instance, if you’re monitoring air conditioning temperature inside an office space, you may only require a temperature measurement accuracy of only +/- 2 degrees. On the other hand, monitoring storage conditions for temperature-sensitive products may require far greater efficiency.


Data Access Options

The second priority is data access options. When you’re evaluating different data loggers, it’s a great idea to learn about the options available for accessing the collected data. With standalone USB data loggers, the amount of data is directly offloaded to a computer through a USB interface. However; in many cases, bringing a laptop in an outdoor site isn’t practical. It’s also not convenient to bring a data logger back to an office computer. In these types of cases, data extraction from standalone data loggers can be accomplished quickly using a pocket-sized device – a data shuttle.



When it comes to buying a device such as a data logger, the question, ‘where to buy data logger?’ is incomplete. Instead, it should be ‘where to buy durable data loggers?’. When purchasing a scientific device such as a data logger, make sure that the product is made with durability in mind. Its enclosure should withstand the conditions of the environment where it will be positioned. For instance, if you plan to conduct your monitoring inside an office hallway, a hard-plastic enclosure should be enough. However, if the data logger needs to function in a non-condensing environment, you’d want to choose a product that has moisture-protective capabilities. Additionally, it’s also an excellent idea to ask about the availability of protective cases and other related accessories.

Battery Life

Finally, you should also address battery life as it’s one of the most overlooked yet highly impactful aspects of buying a data logger. Overall, data loggers are incredibly low-powered devices. However, since they are used in a variety of environmental conditions, you should prioritise in a product that offers the most juice possible. Make sure that the data logger you buy has a battery life of at least a year.