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Different Types of Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are one of the many forms of men’s swimwear, designed to reach the water and keep you cool and dry in it. These shorts are available in two types: boxer shorts and speedos. Boxer shorts are typically very tight, often up to mid-thigh; speeds are usually long, lean, un-snug shorts, often reaching the thighs. If you are looking for men’s swimwear with maximum comfort, ORTC Clothing swim shorts are the best choice.

One of the most popular kinds of swim shorts is the trunk. Trunks are typically very long, almost to the ankle, featuring a V-shaped cut at the top. This shape makes it easy to reach into the water for a quick splash or flip-flop your ORTC Clothing swim shorts for a more leisurely getaway. Typically, trunks are available in two styles: athletic trunks for use when you participate in physical activities such as sprinting and volleyball and leisurely trunks for lounging on the beach or pool during your days off. Athletic shorts are generally made from a cotton/synthetic blend that will not irritate sensitive skin while maintaining a sleek, casual look. Athletic shorts also offer excellent support and plenty of stretch for a smooth, toned appearance.

Board shorts are a stylish, comfortable alternative to the standard swimsuit. Similar to the length of typical trunks, a board shorts style will feature a V-neckline and are sold in both long and short lengths. While boardshorts are mostly used for recreational swimming activities, they do make an excellent casual piece as well, such as lounging around by the pool during a lazy afternoon on the beach. Board shorts are also available in two styles: racerback boardshorts featuring a cut out in the back for extra comfort; and classic board shorts featuring no cutout.

The term “bikini bottom” refers to the portion of swim shorts below the bikini bottom. While bikini bottoms are usually made of silicon, seamless nylon, or spandex, swim shorts with a bikini bottom is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, textures, fabrics, and styles. Cotton, Lycra, and mesh are among the most common materials used to create a bikini bottom, but any smooth, breathable fabric can be used to disguise unwanted bumps, bulges, or skin rashes. A bikini bottom also offers support and shaping for women who find their body shape is best disguised by wearing a top. Some bikini bottoms are sheer and show off the cleavage, but some other styles have built-in cup support or padding to help keep the wearer’s breasts from spilling out. Bikini bottoms are extremely attractive when paired with a thong, but they do not have the built-in support of a pair of standard men’s swim shorts.

Hipsters are a different category entirely, although many still consider their swimwear. ORTC Clothing swim shorts and hipsters differ in a few ways, such as how high the legs are, whether they feature cutouts or straps, what colour and pattern they are available in, and whether they are designed as board shorts or beach shorts. Like bikinis, swim shorts and hipsters can come in a wide array of patterns and styles, although many styles feature only a small amount of stretch. Again, hipsters resemble bikinis, but they are cut higher at the top and usually feature a cutout in the front or back of the hip.

Board shorts are a type of ORTC Clothing swim shorts that feature a thin elastic band along the bottom edge and are worn primarily on public beaches, resorts, and private clubs. Board shorts are great for those who want to hide the appearance of lower body fat, as they are less revealing than most standard men’s swim shorts. Typically, board shorts are made of a blend of cotton and Lycra and are available in various colours and patterns. In addition to being a comfortable alternative to regular bikinis, board shorts are also quick-drying, which is an advantage when you need to get out of the water quickly, without exposing your skin to the elements.