July 6, 2022

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Foot Care Tips for Aged Loved Ones

Aging is a stage in life that requires proper attention, care, and genuine love from family members. Whether your senior loved ones are still active socially or they would rather stay at home, it is crucial to keep them happy and valued while also respecting their privacy when they want it.


Among seniors, the feet are mostly neglected, especially for those who stay at home. However, experts highly recommend proper foot care for aging loved ones to prevent food-related infections or complications that could be hard to reverse or resolve.


Here are some tips for aged foot care that will help keep your senior loved ones’ feet healthy at all times.


Sole Care


For seniors who don’t walk a lot, the sole area can be neglected and calloused. You can give foot massages and spas for the elderly in your home to prevent bruising and potential infections. However, if you notice that some parts of the sole are inflamed and have calluses, it is best to consult with a trusted South Australia podiatrist.


Reliable podiatrists will run tests to check if the inflamed and calloused areas are infected. Appropriate treatment will be given to help ease pain or irritation from the infection. If there are no infections, the podiatry expert will recommend other types of therapy for prevention.



Dry Skin


Aging people often have dry skin. In some cases, the regular lotions we use don’t work on seniors, especially among those who have sensitive skin. If the lotion your elderly is using doesn’t appear to moisturize their feet skin, ask a reliable South Australia podiatrist about the proper lotion or foot cream that your loved ones should use.


Nail Care


Nails are a crucial part of a senior’s body since these could attract fungi and other bacteria that could lead to severe infections if unnoticed early on. To prevent nail infections, daily washing of the feet before going to bed and arriving home after a day out will help. You should also help them trim their toenails correctly to avoid chipping when they put shoes on.


Comfortable Shoes


Aging loved ones need shoes that have extra space on them to avoid swelling, especially when temperatures are up. Podiatrists also recommend sandal-types of shoes to allow for air circulation and enhanced comfort.


Dry is Healthy


Professional podiatrists recommend keeping the feet of seniors dry, but not too dry to the point that cracking and calluses get prevalent. In this sense, the feet should not be soaked in wet socks to prevent bacteria from penetrating the soles and the areas in between toes.


Caring for the aged is a rewarding duty for loved ones who genuinely want their elderly family members or friends to live the happiest days of their lives while aging. The process includes proper foot care that connotes overall good health and emotional stability.