July 5, 2022

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Best Sliding Door Options on the Market Today

Seeking to renovate your home but want to keep the old sliding-doors-Adelaide as is? Well, there are still some exciting options for you. First and foremost, don’t let the name mislead you into believing that all sliding doors have to look like traditional wood doors. They come in many styles such as metal and even PVC. The kind of your home’s exterior will ultimately determine what type of sliding door you choose to use, and here are some attractive sliding door options available:


A pocket door is a kind of sliding-doors-Adelaide that opens sideways, typically parallel to another wall. This gives the door’s appearance from the front instead of the back, and it is beneficial if you want to keep the door between your bedroom and hallway quiet. Many sliding doors made of wood have a pocket to hold the door firmly in place and allow you to close off that area. Sliding pocket doors can be installed either over a frame or be suspended from a beam track above. Both styles of these doors can be found in either a wood tone or a painted colour; however, they are most commonly found in the traditional wood grain colour.

Another attractive sliding door option is the track slide. The track is a metal frame with sliding doors that run along a track span. The tracks can be found pre-made, or you can purchase separate pieces that will fit together accordingly. These are the most expensive and the most difficult to install. However, the increase in convenience and security makes this an attractive choice. This sliding door system requires an extra framing job and installation because it must meet local building codes.

If you are interested in a sliding-doors-Adelaide design that is not traditional, there is the option of sliding panels. Panels are individual panels that are attached to a centre section of track by a set of hinges. These panels are available in both sliding doors design and the traditional panel design.

One of the best sliding door options on the market today is the new energy-efficient patio door. The energy-efficient patio door uses vertical panels with air-tight seals to keep the cool air out during the summer and warm air during the winter. Because the air-tight seals allow the cool and warm air to stay inside during the day and the cold air out at night, the doors save you money on your heating and cooling bills year-round.

It is imperative to make sure the patio door you select is appropriately sealed. Some manufacturers recommend using silicon-based sealant on sliding glass doors. However, since these patio doors have no moving parts, the adhesive will not be as effective. If you notice any leaking on the sliding glass panels, the door may need to be replaced. The same holds for any damaged or broken boards. Replacing damaged panels is the only way to ensure that the patio doors are both energy efficient and secure.