July 5, 2022

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Silage Wrap and How to Make a Profit from It

The use of silage wrap (polyethylene) to preserve silage in Western Australia is growing dramatically. In 1995, an estimated 260 to 281 tonnes of silage wrap was utilised in Western Australia alone and almost equal to Australia. It is quite a small percentage of the entire plastic polyethylene used worldwide. Yet, it is a growing industry in both Western Australia and throughout the country. It is projected that it will continue to grow at around a rate of around 5% per year through to 2021. However, there are many factors at play behind this growth and the use of silage wrap.

silage wrapThe major factor driving the industry’s growth in Western Australia is the high price of polyethylene and its relative scarcity. Typically, the retailer’s purchase rolls of polyethylene from manufacturers, cut and bind them together and deliver them to their customers. But because it is such a valuable commodity, farmers are happy to sell them in bulk. At the end of the process, the retailers either burn or landfill the resulting blanket of plastic. However, when the farmer produces silage, it does not go to the landfill; instead, it is used to produce food. It provides an opportunity for farmers to earn additional revenue from their crops by selling excess silage wrap.

Another factor behind the dramatic growth of the industry in Western Australia is the relatively low cost of polyethylene. Although this raw material may seem expensive initially, it comes at a low price when measured against other products. In addition to this, it is an essential commodity that has an immediate and measurable impact on the environment. So when it comes to disposal, polyethylene is an economical choice. With a low impact on the environment, it’s a winner if you ask many.

So, what can you do with it? A great way to make money is by turning it into bales. Bales are similar to burlap bags, but they have a much longer life. And the money you earn from them goes towards helping the environment and your pocket. With a range of materials to choose from, including cardboard, straw and even plastic film, you will be able to produce bales for almost any need that comes up.

Recycling plastic film is just one way you can make money out of your silage wrapping. Another option is to place your bales on eBay – many people have started this side of recycling. By setting a high price, you could easily make a profit and help protect the environment. And with a wide range of materials to choose from, you can choose a method that suits you best and make the most money available.