July 5, 2022

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Plantation Shutters – The Perfect Window Treatments

Plantation shutters are one of the best window shutters in the industry today. A plantation shutter is an elegant and strong window covering usually made up of a sturdy frame made up of horizontal and vertical rails. Usually placed within this sturdy frame are louvres, wood, fabric and just about any other material that could be mounted on a wooden frame. These window coverings are available in many different styles, but the look and feel of these particular shutters make them stand out from the rest.

Plantation shutters – Adelaide is usually painted in white or a colour that complements their wooden frames. You may have to do some custom shutters to fit your window treatment style because many shutters are either too large or too small for a particular installation. There are many online sources where you can get these plantation shutters so you can start choosing your window covering. These custom shutters may not only add beauty to your home and the windows, but they can also add protection against sound. Window shutters are made to keep out the weather, noise and light which allow you to sleep comfortably at night and enjoy your rooms to fullest during the day time.


One of the best features of plantation shutters – Adelaide is that they are an environmentally friendly option for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint. The materials used to make these window treatments are usually manufactured from recycled products. If the wooden frame is made from reclaimed wood, then there is an even less environmental impact because there will be no new trees needed to make the shutter. Because the louvres are typically attached below the blinds, therefore not taking up space on your floor, you will not be harming the environment by using this type of window treatment.

If you are looking for a plantation shutters custom made to fit your window size and window style, you can find hundreds of companies online that can help you create your masterpiece. You may also be able to find websites with photo galleries where you can see examples of the different designs available and the way they will look on your particular home. Once you have decided on the material you want, it is time to choose the design and style of the louvres. There are a number of companies that offer many classes in different sizes, so finding one that fits your needs should not be a problem. Once you know what style you want, the company can give you a quote and begin helping you make your dream house more beautiful than ever.

Another benefit of choosing plantation shutters – Adelaide is that they are entirely customizable. You can add slats of wood and fabric to the louvres to change the look of the blinds every day or every week. The possibilities are endless as long as you have the right measurements and the ability to attach custom hardware to the louvres.