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The Importance of Being a Migration Solutions Migration Agent Adelaide

Migration Agent AdelaideThe Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority is a government agency that regulates the migration agents industry and officially registered Migration Solutions migration agent Adelaide. Each year, it publishes a Code of Conduct to help migration agencies abide by the rules of the trade and to ensure that they are not engaging in any unlawful conduct. It also regulates the remuneration and conduct of migration professionals who provide services such as pre-departure medical examination, pre-departure screening and pre-departure information gathering.


Migratory professionals who are registered under the OMA are required to be registered under the Migration Act 1958, which provides them with an exemption from the registration obligations contained in the migration code of conduct. They are not required to comply with all of the Code’s provisions and guidelines, however.


A Migration Solutions migration agent Adelaide is responsible for managing their clients’ applications for permanent residence (including the processing and submission of visa application information), the processing of all information and documents relating to the immigration process, including the preparation of all documents necessary for permanent settlement in Australia. They are not responsible for making decisions on immigration applications or any other matter related to the client.


The Migration Agents Act allows migration agents to advertise their services online and in classified ads. However, it does not allow for any form of commission, fee or other income from the client.


Before becoming registered under the OMA, an applicant must undertake a registration study which consists of an examination, completion of a fee submission form and submission of a detailed questionnaire. Applicants can choose between one or two categories to fit their profile, and the study then proceeds with the next category. There are four main categories under which migration agents can fit their profiles. These categories include independent migration agent, independent migration consultant, migration business and independent migration agent and consultant.


Once a migration agent’s profile has been assessed, it can be submitted to the OMA. The submission is not binding and does not guarantee approval to registration. In addition, there is no requirement for the agent to undertake continuing education for registration as a migration consultant under the migration act.


To become a certified migration consultant or a certified Migration Solutions migration agent Adelaide, the applicant is required to attend the mandatory pre-departure training course and be examined on a practical examination. A registered migration consultant can choose to accept the examinations or submit an explanation for why they failed.