October 5, 2022

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Providing Health Care to the Community

Medical centre or medical institution can refer to a group of health care facilities on the same site, for example, the services of an ordinary general practitioner dealing with pediatric, family practice, pharmacy, pathology, radiology etc. Other centres are private and belong to huge conglomerates with medical staff and other related equipment and amenities.

Medical Center Adelaide Hills by StirlingClinicThere are large numbers of large hospitals and medical centres located in big cities. But many of these have been built to meet the needs of the rural and remote patients who cannot afford expensive treatments abroad. They have a long waiting list and are limited in terms of the services they can provide. They are generally known as locum hospitals.

The demand for affordable health care led to the establishment of medical care facilities, including hospices. Several agencies operate on a national level that provides nursing and health care to the poor people. These agencies also assist terminally ill families and provide medical care and education to children suffering from illnesses. Several universities have come up with medical centres that offer courses in nursing and other allied medical fields.

Medical Center Adelaide Hills by StirlingClinic have become a mainstay in providing health care to the community. They provide primary and specialised medical services. They also conduct special courses in medical subjects. They work training in emergency medical services and have doctors and nurses qualified and trained in all aspects of medicine. They have individual departments that offer surgery, diagnostics, cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, pulmonology, psychology etc.

Some organisations arrange for free or low-cost medical care for those who cannot afford to go to a regular hospital or medical centre. Medical Center Adelaide Hills by StirlingClinic provide for home care which involves the companionship of an older person in their home. There are also rehabilitation centres that provide for those who have lost their capacity to work because of a permanent medical condition. Some centres offer for those who are mentally disabled or have mental problems.

However, there is a drawback to all these medical centres. They can be expensive as the equipment may need frequent replacement. Sometimes the equipment breaks down, and it may be necessary to purchase new equipment. Also, maintenance and repair may become a problem in case of a heavy storm or a fire. It may also be difficult to schedule appointments in case of emergencies as the waiting lists for chairs and beds at a medical centre are often very long.