July 5, 2022

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Warning Signs That Require the Skills of a Professional Electrician

Lighting systems are very critical in ensuring that your home is protected from potential fires and break-ins. Even if your lights are well-maintained, there are warning signs that should tell you it’s time to call a 24/7 electrical expert who can fix the problem as quickly as possible.



During thunderstorms and rainy days, it’s essential to be vigilant and watch out for continuously flickering light bulbs and small sparks that could start a fire if not tended to promptly.


Below are danger signs that prompt the need for an emergency electrician Gawler.


Sparks/Smoke in Switch or Outlet


If you plug in an appliance and a spark comes out of your outlet, call your local electrician right away. You should also make a call if smoke comes out of a home appliance or light switch. Prevention is your priority so don’t try to plug in a device or turn on a switch that already sparked earlier.


Small Bomb Sound + Blackout


Sometimes, blackouts are intended by your local electric provider. However, if you hear what seems to be a small bomb before an outage, it is best to call your emergency electrician Gawler. The expert will check on your power lines to make sure it’s not a government-initiated blackout. If it’s not, the problem source will be tracked, and your lighting system will be restored shortly.


After a Flood


This warning sign is very crucial to your family’s safety. If your home has been flooded, and water reached electric sockets in your property, don’t turn your lights on or plug in any appliance or gadget. Instead, call your local electrician first and have your systems checked. The only time you should use your electricity again is after your provider says the coast is clear and no water penetrated your electrical wirings.


Burning Smell but No Fire


Even if you don’t see smoke coming out of any appliance or any part of your house, it’s not normal to smell something burning inside the house. If you happen to pinpoint where the burning smell is coming from, keep your children and everyone else away from the appliance or area. Call your electrician right away and keep the area dry until your provider comes to check on it.


Lights Out for Over 24 Hours


If the entire neighbourhood has lights on and your house is the only dark spot in the block, consult with your local electrician. You should especially contact a professional if the power doesn’t come around after 24 hours while your neighbours are busily tuned in to Netflix.


If you encounter any of the above issues, don’t panic. Get the family together in one area, and keep the children away from wet spots or electrical outlets. Call your electrical expert and stay calm. Soon enough, you can charge your phone again or binge watch Game of Thrones.