July 5, 2022

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The Property Inspection Checklist – What You Need to Know

Building inspections are a vital part of the home buying process. Both the property buyer and seller will benefit from these inspections in different perspectives. In fact, in the modern real estate, a building inspection is the bare minimum when it comes to buying and selling properties. Your real estate attorney or agent will advise you to have these inspections before selling or buying a property. All these tell you that overlooking a building inspection will cost you dearly. But what does a property inspection entail? Well below is the building inspection checklist.



The Structural Integrity of the Property


Once you hire a building inspection service, they will first focus on the structural integrity of the house or building. For example, they will check the basement for wetness and cracks; they will check the doors and windows, the walls, the floor, kitchen, bathroom etc. In case they note any problems for example cracks, mould, etc., they will note that down plus take photos where possible. The structural integrity of any building come in handy when considering durability.


Existing Systems


Most homes and building come with a variety of systems that makes life easy. For example, every home will have an electrical system in place. The inspectors will check to ensure that everything is in place and that the electrical fittings meet the standards. Besides the electrical system, they will as well check the AC system to ensure that it is working and in good condition. The plumbing system is also vital in any property. The inspectors will ensure that all the fixtures are working and in case of any flaws, they will note that in the building inspection report. They may as well check existing home appliances and record the condition as well.


Roofing Structure


The roof is key to any house or commercial building. The inspectors will focus on the roof looking for any leaks, water damage, crooked roof etc. Also, they will check the materials to ensure that they are up to standards. They will advise what to do in case there are flaws in the report.




When one is buying a property, the exterior looks matters a lot. That is why as a seller, you need to hire building inspectors who will inspect your property exterior and advise you on what to improve to make your property sell first.


Pest Inspections


Last and most important in the building inspection checklist is pest inspection. Although most people do not prioritise on pest inspections, they are crucial more so to the home/property buyer. This is because pest infestation can cause unimaginable damage if it goes unnoticed. You do not want to buy a house that is heavily infested as this will cost you a tremendous amount of money soon or later. But with inspection, you can know the condition of the property and make the right decision.