July 5, 2022

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The Advantage of Brass Handles

A new study has been released, claiming to have found anti-bacterial qualities in brass handles and door handles. Over the last few decades, we have seen a massive increase in the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antibiotics overuse is now the most common cause of superbugs. These bacteria develop an immunity to the commonly used antibiotics, which effectively fight more common forms of bacterial infections.

The scientists claim that polishing the Brass Handles and knobs can help reduce infection risk by fighting off the bacteria. They also recommend regularly using an anti-bacterial cleaner on the items and recommending all colleagues and contacts to use this cleaner if they see the need. The bacteria do not adhere to the polished surface of the brass door handles and are instead attracted to the material’s rough texture. The scientists claim that it is possible to apply specific cleaning solutions directly to the item’s surface and then polish them off with a polishing cloth, effectively killing any bacteria present. Another suggestion is to wipe down the brass handles and doors once a week with a disinfectant that kills any existing germs.

brass-handlesTo clean the item correctly, you will need to remove the dust and dirt from the surface using a very soft dry cloth. Once this has been accomplished, you are advised to rinse the item in warm water with a mild soap. Next, they recommend using a polishing cloth to remove any dirt that might have remained behind. Once this has been accomplished, the item should then be rinsed off in warm water once more using a mild soap.

The scientists advise that it is best to avoid brass door furniture on the floors of often moist areas. This includes areas which may be used for washing and as well as kitchens. The same also applies to areas that are used for food preparation and even bathrooms. One of the main ways in which bacteria can breed on these surfaces is through the constant contact which is maintained between the hands or other surfaces and the wetness that is present. The other main concern is the fact that if you do happen to use such items on the floors of these areas, then it is likely that you will end up with germs and other bacteria on your hands which is likely to prove challenging to eradicate.

There are two different types of DIY methods available when it comes to cleaning Brass Handles. The first of these is a method that involves using a soft cloth dipped into a highly acidic solution. The acid in this particular solution works to dissolve any grease present on the surface of the metal. This method is believed to work particularly well on the softer surfaces of the brass items.

The other option you have when it comes to cleaning this material is to go down the DIY route, and in this case, you would be looking at using a polishing kit. 

One thing that should be noted when it comes to polishing brass is that it can get quite messy. One of the best things you can do is protect the item with a soft cloth while working. This is because it is possible to scratch the material as you are polishing it accidentally. This can make it more difficult for you to achieve the best results possible. It is also essential to keep the polishing cloth away from any chemicals you are using to clean the item. It was common for manufacturers to use certain chemicals to clean brass items, which can end up damaging the material and ruin the finish.

Most polishing clothes will be pretty inexpensive, and you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs. In terms of the material that you will need, there are some different options. You would have used cotton in the past, but today most polishing cloths are made with high-performance polyester material. The material is durable and can provide you with years of use without worrying about it wearing out.

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