July 5, 2022

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What You Need to Know About Stockinette Bags

One thing you need to know about stockinette bags is that they are not the same as regular cotton bags. The main difference is that they have a little pile of knit fabric between the side opening and the top of the bag, where cotton only has a small opening.


Stockinette bags are used for many different things. These include: cleaning out the machine drains, stock removing or stock picking, meat packing, and meat processing. They are used in the meat processing industry for many different reasons.


For example, if you purchase a paper bag to collect the wet meat of your next shipment, you will want to ensure that it is tied closed. This is so you do not inadvertently leave a corner of the bag open and allow the excess moisture to drip out. If you buy a pre-made stockinette bag, this same process will be accomplished in less than a minute.


While this sounds simple enough, if you already have a wet-dry stock in the bag, it may be a different story. The drying process can take several hours. Depending on how big your lot comes in, you may be able to get it into the dryer overnight.


Stockinette bags are also great for transporting and storing many different types of large items such as meat and fish. After you have harvested the meat from the bird, the head, feet, legs, wings, and tail are usually in the form of tenderizer, which is all perfectly edible. However, once you have chopped up the head and put it in the bag, it takes forever to dry.


Stockinette bags are also used to transport lots of different items from one place to another. For example, if you are processing some types of fish at a location that is far away, you may use stockinette bags. The first step in preparing the fish is to open the fish up, then remove the shell, then cut off the head and any other viscera.


Once the fish is free of all internal organs, you will want to open the stockinette bag and pour the entire contents of the fish into a blender. You can then blend the fish until smooth, adding any seasonings that you want.


Stockinette bags are extremely versatile. They can be used to transport lots of different products, whether these are meat fish, produce, or anything else. Because these bags are made out of heavy knit fabric, they do not leak moisture into the air as cotton would.