July 5, 2022

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The Importance of Asbestos Testing Before Doing Any Refurbishment

If you live in a house or building that was built several decades back, you must be aware that there is a chance that some of the components within the walls and ceilings may contain asbestos. It is a dangerous substance that can cause respiratory problems and lung disease when a person gets exposed to it. The thing with asbestos is that it won’t cause harm when it isn’t disturbed. Therefore, if you plan to do some renovations or improvement, then there is a possibility that you might disturb it and risk exposure to everyone.

SA asbestos testingSo, before you go ahead with any home improvement or renovation project, you must first invest in SA asbestos testing to validate the presence of the chemical and come up with a professional removal solution.

The Risk of Exposure

The fibrous asbestos mineral was once a favourite and preferred material in construction due to its resilience and resistance to heat and water. It also is known for its strength and remarkable insulating property. However, it was later discovered that asbestos is harmful and may even cause cancer. Even though the use of it in building and construction is no longer practised today, some homes and buildings constructed before the 1990s may still have asbestos in them.

Know that asbestos is present in many components, but it won’t cause any harm when undisturbed. But if you plan on renovating or refurbishing your house, you risk exposure to it since you will most likely find asbestos on the wall cladding, cement roofing, pipes, flooring underlay, insulation materials, shingles, and others. Therefore, SA asbestos testing is crucial before doing any improvement project on a house or building. If an expert determines that there indeed is asbestos in your building, it means you should conduct asbestos removal by hiring a professional. The proper handling of the mineral is imperative since the objective is not to disturb or mishandle it. If you attempt to remove it yourself, there is a chance it might expose everyone on site.

It likewise is crucial that before the testing procedure, everyone must vacate the premises, with only the pros of staying inside. You must remove all furnishings and ensure that the testing team has all the needed specifications and building plans for your house. The process usually begins by taking samples, which means that you expect partial destruction of the building. Sometimes, aggressive inspection is required like opening floors and breaking through the walls and ceiling. But if you are serious about making sure you and your family are safe from the possible exposure to a harmful mineral like asbestos, you wouldn’t mind seeing the inspectors do some damage to your property. After all, you plan on renovating it after the testing.