July 5, 2022

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Investing in a Multifunction Printer

Because of its ability to reduce energy cost and to improve productivity by integrating traditional office duties of printing, to fax, to scan and copying into a single device, multifunction printers have become more and more incredibly popular to both small and home businesses as years pass by. Not only that but, multifunction printers are also known as all-in-ones machine that can also help save office space. Since the demand for this machine continues to increase, its price also declines while still persistently improving in features.

Every office produces important documents, and a multifunction printer will come in handy, thanks to the bunch of features like scanning, copying and fax capability. It is very flexible that you can do either of those at the same time making it more convenient for you and your employees.

Selecting the Ideal Model

In choosing a printer, the first thing that you should consider is the need of your office. The printer that you should pick should match the needs of your company. If you are after for higher print speeds and heavier use, you should prepare a huge amount because this model is quite expensive.

Faxing Needs

Whether you believe it or not, there are still offices that use fax. Faxing is always handy for sending and receiving documents that require signatures but, setting up your fax service involves connection to a phone line. It is up to you if you will purchase a device that has faxing since there is also some multifunction printers that no longer include fax modems to give way for those businesses that don’t need to exchange fax with customers or vendors anymore.

Scanning Needs

For document scanning, multifunction printers feature a low to medium resolution. Thus, if you need high-resolution scanning of photos or other media-like slides or negatives, you will want either a separate standalone scanner or a multifunction printer that specialises in photo scanning and printing. Remember that if you opt for a multifunction, surely you will save more money from energy cost including space.

Automatic Document Feeders                

Make sure that the multifunction printer you are going to choose has an automatic document feeder (ADF) with enough sheet capacity if you intend to either fax, scan or copy large documents. Take note that cheaper multifunction printer has smaller 20-30 sheet ADF’s while expensive ones can hold up to 50 sheets or more. In this case, you should choose wisely.

Automatic Duplexing

There is an excellent possibility for you to scan, fax or print a two-sided document. If you want a hassle-free process, choose a multifunction printer that features automatic duplexing. You will no longer need to print odd pages of the paper then take the printed page, flip it and return to the tray again for printing, since the automatic machine will make all the effort for you.