October 21, 2021

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The Best Types of Shoes For Men

Mens shoesWomen love their shoes the same way women do. It’s no secret that both genders love to slip on some fantastic footwear. But while women look for the best shoes to complement their overall look, men like to wear the best shoes no matter what they are wearing.


While most would believe that women have more variants of shoes, men have the same sophisticated types of shoes. That’s why if you’re not well-versedabout the kinds of Mens shoes, you will tend to get lost. That’s also the reason why we’ve come up with this list to help every male out there distinguish the type of shoes they need to have that they can use in different occasions and events:



Oxfords are highly considered as the epitome of men’s footwear. Itis recognised as the most excellent shoes a man can wear. It’s regarded as the equivalent to a woman’s formal shoes. It is ideally worn to complement your dress pants.



If you’re looking for something that’s perfect for your casual or formal wear, you should have loafers in your shoe collection. Its simple slip-on feature and aesthetic look make it an immediate hit for any male who’s in the business industry or a casual partygoer who has a day job. They look slick and are very fashionable for any wear.



While they do look like loafers, Moccasins is its unique show category. They share the same slip-on feature as loafers and is also made of leather and soft soles. However, the main difference is the design, as moccasins tend to feature tassels and beads. They are also adorned with hand-drawn sketches.



Boat Shoes

The original shoe design of American shoe brand Sperry Top-Sider, boat shoes is yet another classic masterpiece of the slip-on shoe variants. Wherever you go, boat shoes are widely considered as the best-looking casual shoes that any man can have. It’s easily a crowd favourite and can easily compliment any menswear, whether it’s casual or formal.



The king of casual shoes, sneakers is a necessity for any man’s shoe collection. These simple yet stylish type of shoes is comfortably light on the feet, giving you the convenience of either walking or running.


As said earlier, mens shoes are a vast collection of sophisticated variants like women. However, the ones included on this list are the absolute must-haves in any man’s collection. Make sure you have each of them so that you are ready to dominate and stand out in any occasion.