July 5, 2022

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Deciding on Granny Flat Designs – 3 Important Tips

If you’re looking for extra space, then granny flats are an economical and classy way to have an alternative residence. Now, when thinking of a granny flat Adelaide, there are many designs in the market and before you settle on one model, read on to find three things you should know when looking for a perfect granny flat design for your backyard.

Room Sizes

Ensure that you’re aware of the size of each room in the granny flat. If the design you consider using is not on display, then ask the designing company to write the dimensions of every room in the plan. Doing it is essential since there is no point building an additional dwelling only to find that your bed will not fit in the bedroom or the TV set will not match in your lounge area.

There are many drawing programs and software that you can pull the layout and size of the granny flat, including the room sizes. Its recommend to measure your furniture and place this in the rooms as well. You can as well measure the unit in your backyard to get a feel for the size.

Light from Windows

We all know that the more light you let in, the happier you feel. Since all granny designs need to have a 5-star energy rating, it makes a difference as to how many lights you have, along with the sizes and positioning of the windows. Where you position your granny flat on your land also contributes to this. When choosing a granny flat design, keep in mind where the windows will be placed, as well as the climate in your area. Remember that if you want maximum which means many windows, they need to be double glazed.


There are many elements that you need to choose colours – the best advice is to keep it simple. Blend your granny flat with the surroundings, make sure the roof, windows, and cladding colours all blend. You might need to resell this unit after some time and its easier to sell natural colours than bold colours. Internally, keep the colours natural like the carpet, walls, and tiles should all blend the same with the kitchen to ensure that this is also going to fit in your current colour scheme. Last but not least, think of the furniture that you will be moving into your granny flat and make sure this flows through with your selected colour scheme.

After deciding on a specific design, hire the best granny flat Adelaide builders. With the best builder, you granny flat building project will be a success. With a well-designed granny flat, you not only add great beauty to your property, but you also add value, and this will be a plus if one day you decide to list your property for sale. Make every decision carefully, and everything will be fine.