October 5, 2022

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The Benefits of Using Net Wraps & Balers Twine from Netwrap.com.au

Balers TwineMaking round bales uses two different kinds of wrapping materials: a net wrap and baling twine. While having their distinct advantages, determining which is the better twine boils down to your personal preference. However, despite all of the comparison, there’s no denying the fact that net wraps are more popular today than a standard balers twine.  However, the latter is still a dynamic rope that can get the job done as well. Get more info on both net wrap and balers twine- www.netwrap.com.au by reading below.


Faster Bailing Process When Using Net Wraps

While baling twine is the traditional material used for wrapping bales, net wraps are the most popular in today’s trend due to its effectiveness and convenience with tying and wrapping bales.  Using a net wrap will only require three turns to wrap a bale successfully. Add the help of machines, and you can drastically reduce the time it takes to wrap bales.


Baling twines, on the other hand, is much cheaper. However, they require more effort and time for you to wrap up an entire batch of silage successfully. So while both have similar goals, they differ in approach. A net wrap focuses on efficiency and speed, while a baling twine is more on practicality and economic benefits.


Both Can Significantly Reduce Baling Loss

Both the baling twine and net wrap can effectively wrap your round bales and ensure lesser loss or spoilage. They may differ in quality and material, but they do the same job at securing and protecting your silages during the storage process.



Both products can be used to wrap bales nice and tightly to ensure no bale leaves will drop and hinder the quality of the entire batch of bales. With both twines, you can store your bales anywhere you want. Whether it’s inside a barn, or outside on the field, storage won’t be much of a problem when you managed to wrap your bales tightly using either a net wrap or a balers twine.


Purchase Both Twine Products Now!

Get the best net wraps and Balers Twine – www.netwrap.com.au. Both may have differences, but they serve the same purpose which is to preserve the quality of your bales. Both the net wrap and the balers twine deserve to be utilised during your bale-wrapping process. So go ahead and purchase both and see how their combination will pan off during your bale storage.