July 5, 2022

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Learning the Signs of a Car That Needs Fixing

You will undoubtedly save more time and be free from any hassle if you are capable of determining if your vehicle is having serious issues and already needs immediate service. So to help you, we enumerate below most of the common warning signs that may translate to inevitable failure that may lead to mild or severe accidents and costly repairs if you continue driving it.

1 – The check engine light suddenly flashes.

One way that can tell that any of the hundreds of systems in your car’s computer monitors is already facing damage is the flashing check engine light. Although there is no need to panic when it comes to normal illuminated check engine light, however, it is still necessary to have your engine checked thoroughly by a trustworthy BMW Service Adelaide sooner than later.

Moreover, you will need to have the engine checked immediately when the little light on your dash that resembles an engine-looking symbol is flashing because it might be experiencing an emission system problem. If the vehicle is driven without being repaired, no doubt, the catalytic converter will get damaged.

2 – There is white smoke coming from under the hood.

Your car should be free from any smoke that usually comes out under the hood as it only implies one thing, which is an over-heating problem. If your vehicle has this issue and you continue to drive it, surely, its engine will suffer from severe damage. Thus, to ensure that your car is still in healthy condition, keep an eye on the temperature gauge on the dash and be sure that it doesn’t go up. If ever you happen driving the vehicle take note that you should pull over, wait for it to cool down and call for professional car assistance as soon as you can to help you.

3 – You notice excess smoke coming from the exhaust.                                           

If you notice a burning smell, this can be an indication that your vehicle has oil leakage. Surely, you also see a little whiter smoke at first start during the transition to cold winter months, and that is normal. Once the engine temperature increases, the water vapour coming from the exhaust system will subside, and the result of this reaction is the white smoke.

However, you should take your car immediately to the reputable BMW Service Adelaide if you are driving and you notice excessive smoke coming from the exhaust, or you see that the bumper area of your car near the exhaust pipe has a lot of black residues.

4 – There are signs of leaks.

It is imperative that you take your vehicle to your mechanic as soon as possible if you notice any major leaks underneath your car on the ground, most notably if the symptoms shared above are occurring.